How to effectively perform shag carpet cleaning?

How to effectively perform shag carpet cleaning

Shag carpet cleaning is a slightly difficult process as compared to cleaning ordinary carpets due to the presence of long fibers. These fibers can strongly hold onto the dirt and other unwanted substances making it difficult for workers to clean the carpets. Shag carpets were highly popular during the 1970s and even though their popularity has decreased over the course of time, there has been a recent surge in their usage as various household and commercial buildings have installed these carpets in their vicinity. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a shag carpet cleaning process with the help of which users will be able to clean these carpets in an effective manner without requiring any professional help.

Supplies required to clean shag carpets

It is important to ensure the availability of a few supplies in order to conveniently perform the shag carpet cleaning process. Some of the necessary supplies are given as below:

  1. Cleaning agent: We recommend using a natural cleaning agent such as vinegar in order to remove stains present on the surface of the carpet since commercial chemicals can negatively react with the fibers of the shag carpet and prove to be counterproductive.
  2. Vacuum cleaner: It is a necessary device for removing unwanted residue particles present on the carpet. We recommend using a high-grade vacuum cleaner that is capable of sucking dust particles present at the base of the carpet fibers.
  3. Microfiber cloth: In order to remove stains present on the carpet, we recommend using a microfiber cloth since it will be able to break the bonds between unwanted particles and carpet fibers without damaging the material of the carpet.
  4. Stain or carpet dryer: In order to dry the carpet after performing the shag carpet cleaning process, we recommend using a fan or a carpet dryer for achieving satisfactory results. For more about Idaho Carpet Cleaning and Restoration.

Steps involved in the process to clean shag carpets

Before performing the shag carpet cleaning process, we recommend users to ensure the
availability of necessary supplies as well as safety equipment in order to maximize the effectiveness of the process. Similarly, it is also important to test the reaction of cleaning agent with the material of the carpet before applying it since some carpet cleaners can also negatively react and damage the carpet fibers. Steps involved in the process are given as below:

  1. In the first step, vacuum clean the carpet with the help of a high-grade vacuum cleaner in order to remove all the unwanted residue particles that may be present on its surface as well as at the base of the fibers. It is important to thoroughly vacuum clean the base of the carpet since dust particles are usually stuck at the base.
  2. Now, wash the carpet with the help of water and apply the cleaning agent in order to clean stains and sticky substances present on the surface of the carpet.
  3. Rub the carpet with the help of microfiber cloth in order to break the bond between adhesive residue and the carpet fibers in order to ensure deep cleaning.
  4. Wash the carpet again with the help of clean water in order to remove dirt and cleaning agent residue.
  5. Now, let the carpet dry in open air or through the use of fans before using it again.

Important Garage Cleaning tips to follow at home

Garage cleaning a mess

Garage cleaning is one of the most ignored cleaning chores that the homeowners should perform on regular basis. These days it is difficult to find a cleaned garage since people usually do not pay heed to it. Over the course of time, the garage starts to get messy and unorganized. Hard stains of oil, paint, and rust may be found in most of the garages anywhere in the world. Since these stains are on concrete, it is extremely difficult to remove them.

How to properly perform the wood cleaning process at home

Performing the wood cleaning process at home

Wood cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process at home since most of the items either are made of wood or have certain woody parts. However, cleaning wood is not as easy as other materials owing to its nature. Use of unprofessional or rough cleaning methods can damage the material as well as tarnish the beauty of the item. This is why there is a need to thoroughly research and understand the cleaning practices before performing the wood cleaning process. Similarly, there are different nature of stains, which can affect woody items, and specialized techniques may be used in order to remove such stains. We will discuss the cleaning tips in detail regarding removing different kinds of stains from woody items in this article. This professional tips are provided by Idaho Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, a cleaning company in Idaho Falls.

Changing Wood Polish for a Fresh Look

Unlike carpet cleaning, it is a usual practice to polish wood in order to give it a fresh and pleasing look. However, over the course of time, the polish may start to wear out due to human contact, environmental effects, and other reasons. An old polish presents an unpleasing look to the observers and makes the item look dirty. Therefore, for giving a new and pleasant look to the home furniture, it is recommended to change the old polish with the new one. The polish will give a pleasant look to the wood as well as ensure cleanliness for a long period of time.

It, however, needs to be mentioned that polishing wood is a costly and time-consuming process so it cannot be performed regularly. Polishing process can only be performed once in a year or six months. Therefore, there are other methods, which should be used regularly in order to keep the wood clean. 

Removing Dust Particles from Woody Items

Dirt particles can settle on anything and their concentration builds up over the course of time, there is a need to regularly clean woody items. Simple dusting on regular basis will solve the problem of dust settling on wood but if the regular dusting is not performed on regular basis then this issue can aggravate. In such cases, hot water can be used to remove clogged dust from wood.

Removing Stains from Woody Items

Wood like everything else is susceptible to stains and over the course of time; a few stains will appear on the woody items. While some stains are easy to remove, others can be extremely difficult. It is, therefore, necessary to keep an eye on the furniture items and if a stain is spotted, it should be cleaned off immediately.

In order to perform stain removal in the wood cleaning process, you can use a mixture of baking soda. Take almost one tablespoon of baking soda and add it to hot water. Use this mixture to clean the stains on the woody items. When the cleaning solution is applied, it will weaken the base of the sticky stains. Then gently rub the area with the help of a tissue or a towel. Continue performing this process until the stain has been removed. More powerful cleaning agents can also be used in wood cleaning if the stains are hard or old. 

How to do a Comprehensive Fire Damage Restoration

Comprehensive fire damage restoration in your home

Fire damage restoration is one of the most sought out services anywhere in the world as despite the fact that even when extreme care is exercised, fire is a menacing reality, which can stoke anywhere in seconds and cause severe damage. Residential buildings and offices have all come under the fury of fire, which is why comprehensive techniques, home cleaning process, and guidelines are present which can be used to deal with a fire. Fire damage restoration deals with all types of fires and all extents of damages to residential and commercial buildings. Similarly, damages to appliances and other items like the carpet in buildings also come under the fire damage restoration. In addition to that, smoke and odor removal as a result of fire is also part of the restoration process.

It should, however, be stated that not everything damaged by fire can be restored since somethings are permanently damaged and either need to be replaced or rebuilt. When the fire breaks out in a building, quick action should be taken in order to minimize the damage and items, which are highly valuable or critical, should be preserved. Fire damage restoration is a comprehensive process incorporating various aspects and we will discuss those briefly as follows:

Emergency Response to Fire

It is extremely necessary to quickly respond to fire. Nowadays, fire alarm systems and smoke detectors are installed in buildings, which quickly alert about the start of the fire. Quickly get the help of professionals and take yourself to safety.

Packing of furnishings and contents for Restoration

When the fire has been put out, the professionals will pack the contents and furnishings from your building in order to perform the restoration process of them individually as well as damaged parts of the building. See here for great carpet cleaning tips. The contents are packed and taken to a safe inventory where the extent of the damage can be assessed and recommended course of action can be determined.

Cleaning and Structural Restoration of Contents and Building

Once the contents have been moved out and the extent of the damage has been assessed, the structural restoration process can start. The professionals should clean the items and buildings so that burnt residue and ash can be removed. Now in the restoration process, chemicals and restoration compounds should be applied on the damaged parts. Sometimes, a combination of chemicals may be required in order to properly clean and restore the damaged parts.

Smoke, Odor, Ash and Soot Removal

The process of smoke, odor, soot, and ash removal can be carried out simultaneously as the restoration process or it can be carried out separately. Smoke can linger for a long period of time due to which it has to be removed using ventilation techniques. Similarly, the odor can cause problems for the residents of the building. Deodorization process should be performed in order to remove the odor from the building. Due to fire, a certain extent of damage will be done due to which soot and ash will be left behind. Removal of half-burnt hydrocarbons should be covered in this step of the restoration process.  

How to perform Pillows and Bed sheets cleaning process

The pillows and bed sheets cleaning process in your home

Pillows and bed sheets cleaning is an essential process in homes and commercial hotels. Like your carpets, pillows and bed sheets can quickly become dirty since they are frequently used. Therefore, they need regular cleaning in order to provide a pleasant look. Pillows and bed sheets are sophisticated items and they require special care while carrying out the cleaning process. Pillows have covers and stuffed part usually containing cotton, which means different methods need to be performed in order to clean a pillow. The covers of the pillows and the bed sheets should be cleaned manually or in a washing machine while the stuffed pillows should be cleaned through either steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Supplies required during the pillows and bed sheets cleaning process

Following supplies are required during the pillows and bed sheets cleaning process:

  1. Washing Machine: A washing machine will be required in order to clean the covers of the pillows and bed sheets. Home laundry machines can be used for this purpose.
  2. Cleaning agent: A cleaning agent should be used in order to remove stains and dirt from the items. A number of effective cleaning agents are available in the market.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner: The stuffed pillows can be vacuum cleaned in order to remove the dust particles.
  4. Dry Cleaning Machine: Dry cleaning equipment will help in deep cleaning the pillows. These improve the outlook and quality of the pillows.
  5. Hot Water: Water will be required during the pillows and bedsheets cleaning process.

Bed sheets and Covers Cleaning Process

These can be cleaned in a washing machine. The simple process is stated as below:

  1. The covers and bed sheets should be placed inside the washing machine.
  2. Hot water and cleaning agent should be added in the machine in order to thoroughly clean the items and to remove stains.
  3. The machine should be run for a full session so that the items can be thoroughly removed.
  4. Once the session is over, take the items out and let them dry.

Steam Cleaning the Pillows

The stuffed pillows are sophisticated items, which cannot be cleaned traditionally since they may lose their softness. In order to thoroughly clean the pillows, steam or dry cleaning process should be used. Before performing the steam cleaning, apply the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust particles. Now, apply the steam cleaner, which will inject steam inside the stuffed pillow. A cleaning agent may also be used in order to remove the stains or kill contaminants from the stuffed pillows as well.    

How to apply the Dry Carpet Cleaning Process for Effective Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning process on home floors

With technological innovations in the field of carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning has emerged as one of the most effective and quick processes of cleaning old rugs, commercial and domestic carpets. A number of high performing dry carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals have been prepared by the researchers and manufacturers. This has brought ease to the common people looking to apply a quick fix to their carpet cleaning related issues. It involves the use of either no moisture of very low moisture. This is why sometimes it is also dubbed as “Very Low Moisture Cleaning (VLMC)”.

Hence, in this method, you do not have to soak your carpet in water and soap. This can sometimes cause damage to the carpet. With the help of dry carpet cleaning techniques, all sorts of stains, dirt, allergens, moisture particles, impurities, and sand particles can be removed from the carpets. It is effective in removing the odor from the carpet. This technique brings a clean and pleasant look to the carpet. It also improves the durability and longevity of the carpet making the carpet cleaning process highly useful.

What are the common equipment and Supplies required for Dry Cleaning?

In order to clean the carpet with the help of the subject method, you may require some special equipment, like used from Chem Dry. As well as some compounds that are usually easily available in the market. Some common equipment and supplies required in the process are as follows:

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaner Machine: It will be used to sprinkle the cleaning compound and solution on the carpet. It can apply the compound in a highly effective manner covering all spots of the carpet.
  2. Cleaning Compound & Solution: The purpose of the compound is to break the bond between the impurities and the fibers of the carpet. In this way, the dirt can be easily vacuumed.
  3. Vacuum Cleaner: In the dry carpet cleaning process, there is a need to regularly vacuum the carpet with the help of a vacuum cleaner for the effective removal of the impurities.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Procedure

There are different types of dry carpet cleaning tips and techniques applicable today through innovation and research in this field. However, the basic procedure remains the same in all the various techniques. Following is the procedure, which can be followed to dry clean carpets in both residential and commercial buildings:

  1. There is a need to first remove the furniture from the room so that deep cleaning of the carpet can be carried out.
  2. Now, vacuum the carpet with the help of vacuum cleaner so that the largely sized impurities can be removed.
  3. Now, with the help of the dry cleaning machine, apply the compound or cleaning solution on the carpet. You can fill the compound in the machine and move it over the carpet in strips. This will gradually apply the compound on the carpet. The compound is either a powder or a low moisture solution.
  4. Let the compound to dwell for some time. This will break the bond between dirt particles and the carpet fibers.
  5. Vacuum clean the carpet after specified time to remove the dirt impurities and the compound residue. 

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