How to remove after cleaning brown carpet spots?

How to remove after cleaning brown carpet spots?

Brown carpet spots are a common problem faced by people after cleaning the carpet as they may appear for a number of different reasons related to the cleaning agent and method used for the purpose. It can have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness of the cleaning as well the look of the carpet due to which it is important to make sure that appropriate precautions are taken in order to avoid brown carpet spots. We recommend that a suitable analysis of the material of the carpet should be made while considering different factors that may result in brown carpet stains and a suitable cleaning method should be adopted, which can help avoid the issue. In this article, we have discussed some of the reasons that result in brown carpet spots and an appropriate cleaning method for removing them. 

Factors resulting in brown carpet spots

There are two common factors that result in brown spots after performing the cleaning process including the carpet pH level and the nature of the carpet cleaning material. In most cases, the browning of the carpet will take place because of a high pH level of the carpet. The browning will take place all over the carpet when the pH level is high on all places while in other cases, it may take place on some parts of the carpet where the pH level is high. The PH level of the corporate can also increase because of performing the cleaning process especially using certain types of cleaning agents, which may also play a role in the browning of the carpets resulting in brown carpet stains. Therefore, it is recommended that a cleaning agent having an appropriate pH level should be used for the purpose of cleaning carpets for avoiding brown carpet spots. The second reason behind brown spots on carpets is the wicked spots that might be present at the bottom of the carpet and may backup as a result of performing the cleaning process resulting in the browning of different sports. Therefore, in such cases, more comprehensive cleaning might be required for removing the stains and preventing brown spots.

Procedure to remove after cleaning brown spots

In the case, brown carpet spots appear on the carpet after performing the cleaning process, then the following method can be used for the purpose of removing them:

For the first time, spot the areas where browning has occurred after performing regular cleaning of the carpet. It is necessary to avoid over-cleaning of other areas. 
In the second step, obtain a suitable cleaning agent, which is capable of reducing the pH level of the carpet for performing the cleaning process. 
Now, wash the areas gently with the help of water and apply the cleaning agent as per the situation of the spots. 
Now, rub the areas gently with the help of a cleaning cloth so that the brown spots start to come off. Continuing process until all the brown carpet spots have been removed. 
In the end, wash the carpet again with the help of clean water.