Important Garage Cleaning tips to follow at home

Garage cleaning a mess

Garage cleaning is one of the most ignored cleaning chores that the homeowners should perform on regular basis. These days it is difficult to find a cleaned garage since people usually do not pay heed to it. Over the course of time, the garage starts to get messy and unorganized. Hard stains of oil, paint, and rust may be found in most of the garages anywhere in the world. Since these stains are on concrete, it is extremely difficult to remove them.

Dirt and dust are other problems, which needs separate attention during the cleaning process. Rodents and insects may find a home in the garage since the atmosphere here is highly favorable for them. The conditions of most garages tend to become highly unhygienic over the course of time, which may affect the hygiene of the home itself. It also could be hazardous and cause fire damage for your property.

Let’s Begin

It is, therefore, extremely necessary to thoroughly clean the garage so that unforeseen circumstances i.e. health hazards can be avoided. Similarly, a clean and organized garage is more soothing to the eyes of the onlookers. Thorough cleaning of the garage may require hard work on the part of the worker since it may involve stains removal, dusting, walls cleaning and disinfecting the garage. Remember the pillow and bed sheets if a bedroom is in the garage.

Supplies required to perform the Garage Cleaning Process

Following Supplies may help in the garage cleaning process:

  1. Vacuum Cleaner: A vacuum cleaner will help in removing dust and dirt from the floors. A high-grade vacuum cleaner should be used for the purpose. For areas that are carpeted, see this article about dry carpet cleaning techniques and here for other carpet cleaning tips.
  2. Cleaning Agent: A cleaning agent will help in removing the stains from the concrete floor. A suitable cleaning agent should be used, which can deal with oil, paint and rust stains. The cleaning agent should be able to disinfect the area as well.
  3. Scrubber or Sponge Cleaner: A sponge cleaner or scrubber will be required during the stains removal process. The stains on the concrete floor may be hard requiring scrubbing to be removed.
  4. Broom: A broom will help in cleaning the walls of the garage. Cobwebs and dust may stick to them over the course of time.   
  5. Deodorant: A deodorant will help in removing the stench from the garage. This will normalize the inside atmosphere of the garage.

Garage Cleaning Process

Following steps are involved in the garage cleaning process:

  1. Remove those items from the garage, which may hinder the cleaning process.
  2. Now, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, remove dust and dirt from the floor. Continue vacuum cleaning until the floor is cleaned.
  3. After vacuum cleaning, apply hot water on the floor. Apply the cleaning agent so that the stains can be removed.
  4. With the help of a scrubber or a sponge cleaner, scrub the stained areas in the garage. Continue scrubbing until the stains have been removed.
  5. Now, with the help of a broom, clean the walls of the garage. You can also use a duster if more convenient.
  6. Apply a deodorant in order to remove the stench from the garage.