The Ultimate Carpet-Cleaning Tips

The carpet absorbs all manner of dirt: wine stains, chewing gums, pet furs, grease, pollen grains, drops of burning candle, juice, saliva, hair, soup, tears, sweat, blood, dog ‘accident’, cigarette ash, dust, among others. Some of these are transferred from outside by the bottom of your shoes. All these dirt if left can accumulate to form a thick layer over your carpet. Soon the room will have a foul smell.

For this reason, you need to clean your carpet. Cleaning itself is not enough; you have to learn to do it the right way. Carpet is one item that can end up dirtier if not adequately cleaned. That is why it should be cleaned by one with expertise.

The following are the ultimate guidelines to follow if you aim to clean your carpet correctly:

Clean Regularly

To make your work easier, clean the carpet regularly. Do not wait until it is filthy before giving it a cleaning. Considering the types of dirt mentioned above that the carpet takes in, if you wait for too long it could be rotting! A dirty carpet stinks worse than a dirty dog. If you hope to prolong the life of your carpet, then clean it regularly. And here regularly means every few weeks.

Avoid Too Powerful Solutions

Because the carpet is more massive and gets dirtier than your clothes, you have probably concluded it requires more powerful detergent to be clean. That is true, but do not take this truth too far; if you use too powerful washing solutions on your carpet, you may end up ruining it. Too strong chemicals will erode the colour patterns and weaken your carpet. You should use moderate solutions. Certain stain removing solutions are only for industrial materials.

Take Your Time with the Vacuum Cleaner

Do not rush with the vacuum cleaner if you are to remove as much dirt as possible, especially in high traffic areas – that is, the sections where people move their feet. The vacuum cleaner cannot suck in everything in one quick pass. You need to make two slow passes, to reach the dirt that is deeply embedded. Only the vacuum cleaner can suck in tiny dirt like fur, hair or pollen grains.

The Carpet Should Completely Dry Before Re-Use

It is understandable why sometimes or many a time you may want to put your carpet back to use before it is thoroughly dry. The floor is really cold without the carpet, your pets are used to lying on it, and so you cannot afford to have it dry for long. However, a damp carpet will easily attract dirt and get dirty quickly. That happens to fibre material or cloth.

Bonus Tip

If you do not have the necessary equipment and item for carpet cleaning, you should involve the services of professional cleaners. It is no use doing the cleaning the wrong way. That can only damage the carpet and shorten its durability. If you want your carpet to last, find the right cleaner.