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How to properly perform the wood cleaning process at home

Performing the wood cleaning process at home

Wood cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process at home since most of the items either are made of wood or have certain woody parts. However, cleaning wood is not as easy as other materials owing to its nature. Use of unprofessional or rough cleaning methods can damage the material as well as tarnish the beauty of the item. This is why there is a need to thoroughly research and understand the cleaning practices before performing the wood cleaning process. Similarly, there are different nature of stains, which can affect woody items, and specialized techniques may be used in order to remove such stains. We will discuss the cleaning tips in detail regarding removing different kinds of stains from woody items in this article. This professional tips are provided by Idaho Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, a cleaning company in Idaho Falls.

Changing Wood Polish for a Fresh Look

Unlike carpet cleaning, it is a usual practice to polish wood in order to give it a fresh and pleasing look. However, over the course of time, the polish may start to wear out due to human contact, environmental effects, and other reasons. An old polish presents an unpleasing look to the observers and makes the item look dirty. Therefore, for giving a new and pleasant look to the home furniture, it is recommended to change the old polish with the new one. The polish will give a pleasant look to the wood as well as ensure cleanliness for a long period of time.

It, however, needs to be mentioned that polishing wood is a costly and time-consuming process so it cannot be performed regularly. Polishing process can only be performed once in a year or six months. Therefore, there are other methods, which should be used regularly in order to keep the wood clean. 

Removing Dust Particles from Woody Items

Dirt particles can settle on anything and their concentration builds up over the course of time, there is a need to regularly clean woody items. Simple dusting on regular basis will solve the problem of dust settling on wood but if the regular dusting is not performed on regular basis then this issue can aggravate. In such cases, hot water can be used to remove clogged dust from wood.

Removing Stains from Woody Items

Wood like everything else is susceptible to stains and over the course of time; a few stains will appear on the woody items. While some stains are easy to remove, others can be extremely difficult. It is, therefore, necessary to keep an eye on the furniture items and if a stain is spotted, it should be cleaned off immediately.

In order to perform stain removal in the wood cleaning process, you can use a mixture of baking soda. Take almost one tablespoon of baking soda and add it to hot water. Use this mixture to clean the stains on the woody items. When the cleaning solution is applied, it will weaken the base of the sticky stains. Then gently rub the area with the help of a tissue or a towel. Continue performing this process until the stain has been removed. More powerful cleaning agents can also be used in wood cleaning if the stains are hard or old.